Lock&Lock InterLock 7 Pcs Set

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From Lock&Lock InterLock Range, you will never have to fuss again about lack of space in your refrigerator with these advanced refrigerator door pocket organizing containers! Turn and Lock, Turn and Lock, do it the Lock&Lock way! Each Set Consists of the following: 3 pcs of [InterLock] Medium Type 500ml Dimensions: Ø95×92mm Model: INL-301 3 pcs of [InterLock] Medium Type 1000ml Dimensions: Ø95×175mm Model: INL-302 1 pcs of [InterLock] Medium Type 1600ml Dimensions: Ø95×258mm Model: INL-303 Material: Body-PET/Lid-Polypropylene(PP) Characteristics: BPA Free / Can be stored in the freezer ※ Powerful Module Type of Binding Method The structure of bottom surface and top of lid interlocking and binding as if assembled enables customers to stably stack the containers without worrying about dropping them when opening the refrigerator door and also to use the space more efficiently. ※ Screw Locking Sealing You don’t have to worry about food spills when you drop the container thanks to screw type of locking that you can simply turn it to lock. ※ Perfect Storage Usage! Not only for the refrigerator door, It can be space-efficient at everywhere in your kitchen such as shelves! ※ Customized Capacity for Market Products Its capacity is customized to perfectly store groceries currently on the market. You can store all market products in the interlock with no exception. Examples include, - Cereal 1.6kg > Interlock 1,600ml - Red beans 1kg > Interlock 1,000ml - Coffee 500g > Interlock 500ml ※ Wide Mouth, Easy Cleaning Its mouth wide enough to fit your hand can be easily cleaned without using a cleaning brush. **Stock Arrival on 7th May.

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