Can eating nuts help burn stubborn fats? You will be amazed when you find out how.

Eat nuts, burn fats?

Gone are the days when one says snacks, and potato chips comes to mind. In an era where health is wealth, eating clean is in, nuts have come to replace the concept of snacking.

So for those aiming to be slim, can nuts tone butts? Or the better question is, can nuts for snacks help burn your fats?

The bad news is, no. Unfortunately, there is no miraculous contents within nuts that can effectively melt through that annoying chunk of regret hugging our midsection, accumulated from our years of unhealthy eating routine. What they can do however, is perform an alternative phenomenon your body and mirror will love. How so? Read on.


Nutty enough to know your nuts?

Nuts are packed full of protein, fiber and ass-kicking healthy monounsaturated fats. Protein boost metabolism, which enable your body to zap through calories. Fiber causes you to feel full longer, decreasing the chances of you reaching for that tantalizing cookie or upsizing your chicken rice lunch on impulse. Healthy fats prevents abdominal fats from forming that dreaded "spare-tire" around our waist. The best nuts that contains these wonderful nutrients? Grab a mixture of almonds, cashews, pistachio and walnuts.

Best form of nuts?

As heavy advocates of raw nuts, we strongly recommend that you go raw and be awed. Why? Raw nuts retain their full abundance of nutrients, which are eliminated when exposed to heat through the process of roasting or baking. Although the former may taste bland and lack punchy crunchiness as compared to the latter, they are your best weight fighting buddies ever. Avoid nuts roasted in vegetable oil and salt, or coated with delightful sugary substances like caramel or honey.

How best to enjoy nuts?

Go for a variety of nuts! Snack on the mixes on the road, at work or at school. Otherwise, sprinkle them on your salad, yogurt or milk and cereal for a wholesome meal. Or you may fling them at that friend who is slurping up a tempting bowl of laksa (we didn't say that!).

So can nuts burn fats?

Nuts do not have the properties to destroy unwanted fats in our body, as do all food. Yet, they do help those seeking to lose weight by curbing our urge to overeat and controls the calories content in our body.

So if you are thinking of snacking, dump them junks and grab them nuts! Junk snacks belongs to the dustbin. Because snacking shouldn't be a sin. ;)

Grab some nuts here now!

  • Can eating nuts help burn stubborn fats? You will be amazed when you find out how.