Just Another Day: Life of a Working Professional

Picture this. You are crunching numbers, agonizing over a clusters of deadlines, expectations and accuracies in your upcoming report. You need a small distraction to refocus. You need a bite. Something to chew on will be nice.


You reached for the bag of potato chop laying invitingly across you. It belongs to your college Paul. Paul is, to put it nicely, horizontally challenged. He needs to watch his weight. You will be doing him a great favor reducing his intake of junk food.


The first stack of chips is satisfying. Your taste bud gets greeted with a hail of salty goodness, coupled with the savory crunchiness of barbequed flavored chips. its irresistible.


You reached for your second handful. At that moment, a sudden wave of guilt awash you. Potato chips isn't exactly the best choice of snack, with its high salt and fat content. With no nutritional benefit whatsoever.


It wouldn't have mattered, to sin on junk food once in awhile. But your recent overtime exploits and lack of sleep thanks to the month end's workload worries you. It did not help that Paul, who sit across you, is a constant reminder of "what could have been", were you to let yourself spiral out of control with your diet. Paul has just told you yesterday he needs the doctor because of heartburn, explaining his absence today. You do not want to end up like Paul.


However, the need to gnaw on something continues to bug your mind. You cannot concentrate as you feel the burnout and lack of energy eating at you, thanks to your overzealousness in perfection of your work.


Then you remember. You saw Alice brought in a packet of mixed nuts and dried fruits the other day. You sniggered at her. "aren't you just joining in the 'eat clean' fad? Ain't nobody got time for that."


Alice was nice. "It's exactly because we got no time. That's why it's easier to snack on this mix. Healthy and filling you know."


She went on to explain how the nuts and dried fruits not only provide energy, keeps you full, holds a bunch of healthy benefits that sound like it can turn your grandmother into an 18 year old girl again.


Meekly, you walked over to her desk. "Hey Alice. Can I get some of your mixes?"


"Oh I finished it! You can go to www.driedfoodsg.com to order them for yourself. If you're doing it, help me order too! We can combine orders to hit the minimum purchase. While at it, why not get something for Paul too? Encourage him to get health concious."


"Sounds like a plan! Guess I will just have these chips to work for today then. Tomorrow then start being healthy!" You smiled.

  • Just Another Day: Life of a Working Professional