7 Reasons Why Eating Mulberry is Better than Retail Therapy

Here's why eating Mulberry is better than going on a retail therapy.


This is not an article about the Mulberry fashion brand. Although if given the chance to start our own fashion brand, we will name it Something-Berry. Just like all the berry expensive brand out there: Mulberry, Burberry etc.


That berry, sorry, very unrealistic dream aside, here are a few reason why eating mulberry is better than going on a rampage in the shopping malls.


You live longer. Thanks to the antioxidant properties of mulberry, which improve longevity and decelerate aging, you will likely live longer eating mulberry. Satisfaction from being on Guinness Books of World’s Record for having the biggest collection of branded bags can only get you so far in life.


Stronger body. Mulberries help boost our immune system, strengthening our body and protecting us against probable infections. Buying nice clothes merely protects us from the thoughts of “I have nothing to wear” whilst staring at the 328765279 tops collecting dust in your closet.


Better blood circulation. Chinese medicine have long used mulberries for improving blood circulation and reducing blood sugar. Definitely not something that can be achieved by a soaring pair of Jimmy Choos, which will only gives cramped feet and painful blisters.


Improve digestion and metabolism. Mulberries are known to contain high amount of dietary fibre which helps improve digestion. THe body metabolise carbohydrates, proteins and fats in our bodies faster too, with its vitamin compounds. Trawling levels of malls and shopping centres (provided your legs don’t break) takes much more effort to burn the same amount.


Easy to find. Because, www.driedfoodsg.com has them. Finding that perfect accessory, that match that perfect dress, that match that perfect shoes, that match that perfect occasion… will take forever, to find.


Its gentler on the wallet. Really. Unless you hit Bugis street and limit yourself to ONLY ONE ITEM.


More enjoyable. Mulberries are tasty and flexible. They can be easily enjoyed with any desserts like yogurts or ice creams. Add them to cereals or oats for a hearty breakfast. Throw them into salad to make a great tasting meal. Unless you absolutely enjoy queueing for Llao Llao, then nothing we say can stop you. 


If this article can convince you to put down your shopping bag, then pick up the online shopping cart here instead and start shopping! Technically, shopping for healthy food can be regarded as retail therapy too.


Oops. Such, is the irony of life. 

  • 7 Reasons Why Eating Mulberry is Better than Retail Therapy

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