How this underrated Superfood can help Diabetics fight their worst nightmare

Diabetes is scary. Scary enough for our government to declare war upon the disease.  Scary when the lifetime cost of treating diabetes is at least $100,000. Scary when not just the diabetic's individual life, but his family, and the economic development of a country is adversely affected.


As of 2015, approximately 12% of our population is afflicted  with the disease. And the number is rising. In fact, Singapore is ranked 2nd globally as having the highest proportion of diabetic among developed nations, says the International Diabetes Federation.


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What is Diabetes?


Diabetes occur when our body can no longer produce sufficient insulin to break down food sugar. Which is subsequently stored as glucose for energy. When the sugar level in our blood increase, it can leads to many health complications.


Diabetes are segregated into 3 types. Type 1 diabetes refer to people who are diabetic due to genetic reasons. Type 2 diabetes refer to people who develop diabetes in the later stage of life. Lastly, gestational diabetes refer to people who are diagnosed with diabetes during pregnancy, which last temporarily.


In all cases, great care is required in terms of diet, physical activity and constant monitoring of health.


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How does Almonds come into the picture?


Studies have shown that diabetics who consume almonds before meals showed 30% lowered level of blood sugar and insulin. A spike in glucose level after meal could aggravate diabetics conditions and result in cardiovascular disease. Magnesium, easily lost through urine for victims of diabetes, can get replaced through eating almonds, which is essential for helping with insulin resistance.


Diabetics are also at high risk of heart disease. Almonds can help prevent it with their high monounsaturated fat contents. Obesity, a well known precursor to diabetes, can be controlled using almonds too. Fiber in almonds keep one satiated and prevent overeating. Consuming almonds also help lower calorie intake, decreasing risk of weight gain.


Besides aiding in the battle against diabetes, almonds also provides a wide host of health benefits such as regulating blood pressure, protects against stress and even reduce risk of cancer.


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Almonds eating guide


Snacking on a small handful of almonds throughout the day can stave hunger pangs (note: prevent overeating!) while giving you a nutritional boost. For diabetics, almonds are best consumed raw. If you prefer crunchy nuts, go for dry roasted almonds as they are not cooked in oil. Recommended intake is around 20 almonds a day.


Almonds are very versatile. Added to cereal, yogurt, desserts, salads, or baked into breads.. The possibilities are endless, so go creative with them!


Extra note: Soak raw almonds overnight to remove phytic acid, making it easier for our body to absorb the amazing nutritional content in our nuts. Here’s a guide to how to do it.



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  • How this underrated Superfood can help Diabetics fight their worst nightmare

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