5 practical tips to enjoy Pokémon Go without losing your sanity




Have you been out camping at pokestops all over Singapore? When Pokémon Go finally landed on our little island, people we never knew existed swarmed out in droves. Gathering at parks, malls and even residential areas. Niantic, the company who created this global phenomenon, has done the impossible: getting people to leave the comfort of their homes.


If like us, you are working towards your dream to become a Pokémon master, take note of these 5 tips before heading out to where the lures are. Or risk being driven crazy by the new craze in town.

Let's head out!


1. Be well equipped


Not just with Pokeballs and charged powerbanks. Also water, some food, sun block lotion, a little umbrella for the unpredictable weather, and even a picnic mat. We say that because the sweet little spot in between 4 pokestops might be a bare patch of grass. A good Pokémon master is always well prepared!



2. Stay Hydrated


Now's the dry season in Singapore, and it is easy to forget to drink. Especially when Pokémons start appearing in huge waves around you. Or when you are stuck in an intense battle to defend your gym.  Play a game to remind yourself. For example, each time a Magikarp is successfully captured, drink a mouthful of water. 101 Magikarps later, you will either: run out of water (oops), or finally be able to evolve a powerful Gyrados!


3. Jio your friends along!


Ash Ketchum did not catch'em all alone. He had company in the form of Brock, Misty, and his trusty Pikachu. What better time to gather friends you haven't met in donkey years together? Or date your crush out for a Pokémon date? Alternatively, if you are single and available, why not meet some new friends with Lunchclick's Dating Go? Being with others definitely beats being alone!



4. Set a time limit


There is time to be the very best Pokémon Master, and time to be the very best in life. Draw a line between reality and augmented reality by giving yourself a strict time limit. Don't neglect your own colorful lives! Be it your studies, spending time with your family, working towards you entrepreneurial dreams, reading the new Harry Potter book, or even catching up with Running Man. Get back to your usual life, don't let the game suck up your usual routine entirely.



5. Remember to eat!


All the potions and revives you have collected will not help if you faint from hunger. Do keep a small handy snacks on you such as our popular pre-mix. They contain just what you need for a little energy and nutritional boost to keep you going. Even if it means running out of pokeballs and having to jog to the nearest 5 pokestops for a refill.

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  • 5 practical tips to enjoy Pokémon Go without losing your sanity