9 amazing walnuts facts you should know

At Driedfoodsg, we source our walnuts only from the States. Less bitter than its China's counterpart, and more tasty, it is the perfect nutty snack for all ages. In addition, there's no denying that walnuts are so packed full of nutritious values, reading a whole list of vitamins and minerals contained in a single walnut would put you to sleep. So, lets skip that.


Instead, we have rounded up some interesting facts about walnuts from the internet for you.


1) Walnuts are known to be the oldest tree fruits consumed by humans (since 10,000 BC!)


2) Walnuts are only harvested once a year, and 75% of the world supply of walnuts are reaped from USA, California.


3) Walnut shells may not be eaten but they are widely used to manufacture grit paper, glues, plastics and cleaning products.


4) Walnuts love your heart so much, they are known to combat risk factors of heart diseases, and increase cardiovascular health.


5) Walnuts are rich in polyunsaturated fats that does not causes obesity, but are in fact, good for the body.


6) Walnuts are also widely lauded as a brain food - not only because they resemble a brain - but the rich omega 3 fatty acid contained within help enhance cognitive motor function, and reduce age-related stress.


7) Walnuts contain bioactive components touted to contain anti-cancer properties.


8) The best time to eat walnuts is in the evening, where it's the most effective.


9) Walnuts are extremely versatile. They are being used in over 100 recipes - from soup to salads, entrees to desserts. Yummy!


So if you desire a healthy snack on the go, or need a tasty addition to your boring salad, be like our ancestors. Eat walnuts.


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  • 9 amazing walnuts facts you should know

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