Differences between Pecans & Walnuts


Here’s something intriguing we have heard, regarding pecans and walnuts. Because they are displayed side by side by our shopfront, confusion ensued. Check out some of the questions we have received.


Guy pointing to pecans: “Is this roasted walnuts?”
Driedfoodsg: “No that’s pecans.”


Elderly lady pointing to pecans: “Oooooh walnuts! Eh but spoil ah why the colour like that?”
Driedfoodsg: “No that’s pecans.”


#3: Lady pointing to walnut: “This one add colouring one? Walnut not like that one meh (points to pecans).”
Driedfoodsg: “No that’s pecans. And that’s walnuts.”


Granted, these are questions coming from older folks, who are not well acquainted enough with the world of nuts. Their questions are still capable of catching us by surprise though. If you were us, how would you respond?


Looking up google for answers? Let us save you the trouble. Here’s a brief summary on the difference between the two.


The Nuts:

Pecans are, surprisingly, unfamiliar to some Singaporeans. Unlike walnuts, which have over the years grown in tremendous popularity in Singapore due to its impressive range of nutritional benefits. A tiny bird told us even our Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong keeps a bottle of walnuts close to him when he is working.


Physical looks:

Pecans are usually reddish brown in colour and has an elongated body, with a deep ridge running through the middle. Walnuts leans more towards a lighter shade of brown and is rounder, resembling more like a brain.



Pecans carry a sweeter taste and tend to be softer. Walnut possesses a tinge of bitterness while leaving a slight oily taste in the mouth, due to its higher healthy fats contents.


Nutritional Values:

Without going into the specifics which will inflict sleepiness, below is a quick summary of their nutritional differences.





In the States, where our walnuts and pecans originate, pecans are generally cheaper than walnuts. However, in import intensive Singapore, walnut is actually lower priced. This is due to its immense popularity and import volume, which bring down the cost.


So… Walnuts or Pecans?

Get BOTH! They each nuts have their own nutritional benefits. Taste wise, everyone has their preferences. What we suggest is to mix them up! Give your taste buds a dash of variety. If you are looking out for your health, avoid nuts that contains added flavourings. Raw nuts are loaded with amazing health boosting nutrients and make the best snacks you can ever ask for.

Go nuts!


Got any interesting walnunts or pecans recipes to share? Tell us in the comments below!

  • Differences between Pecans & Walnuts

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