Black Beans


Packed full of protein and fibre, black beans are also known to keep bones healthy, control blood and sugar levels. Grind them up to make black bean milk, boil them in a rich broth, or just cook them in soup to attain their benefits!

Country of Origin: China

Black Eye Peas


Also know as black eye beans. Consumption of black eye peas have been know to improve digestion, prevent anemia, lower blood pressure, and even improve the health of your skin and eyes!

Add them to your soup, cook with rice, even boiled and serve with salad or a side dish.

Country of Origin: USA

China Barley


Fight heatiness with this cool beans by concocting your own home made barley drink.

Or use it as an alternative to rice by having it as your healthier staple meal!

Country of Origin: China

Red Bamboo Beans


Bamboo beans are well known to remove water retention, preventing arthritis and chillness. Boiled with pork bones soup or slow cooked with other legumes in a hearty broth, they make a healthy and delicious meal!

Country of Origin: China

Red Bean


Proven to aid digestion, support a healthy heart, and even help in prevention of disease, red beans has been used extensively in many dishes. From red bean desserts, to sweet red beans fillings, and even red bean porridge, they are versatile and yummy!

Country of Origin: China

Soya Bean


An extremely versatile bean that has been transformed into delicacies such as tofu, beancurd, bean stick and more, you cannot deny that there must be a reason for it’s prevalent use by people across all continents. Rich in protein, they are commonly used by vegetarians as meat substitute. Their other nutrients are said to prevent disease, help in strengthening bones, and aid digestion. Men need to take note not to over ingest these beans though! They are said to boost the production of female hormones which may have an adverse effect on the male body.

Country of Origin: Canada