Basil Seed


Commonly mistaken with Chia Seed, soaked Basil Seed produce a similar jelly, gelatinous layer. Once upon a time they will be commonly found in sweet asian drinks such as rose bandung or tea. They too, possess many health benefits such as high content of fibre that aids in digestion and promotes stomach health, reduce chlosterol levels, nourishes blood and even help relief stress! Simply add them to your favourite drinks and let it sit for 10 mins to enjoy a tasty, filling beverage. Soaking them for a longer time (one hour) will release digestive enzymes that’s good news to your stomach too!

Dried Authentic Pangkor Anchovies (Ikan Bilis)


Malaysian Pangkor anchovies with unprecedented fragrance and sweetness. Innards and head need not be removed as they posses no bitter after-taste. Lower in cholesterol because of their lower sodium content, they are packed rich in calcium. Sweet in soup stock, crispy when fried. Limited stock.

Country of Origin: Malaysia, Pangkor Island

Dried Scallop (1KG Bulk Purchase)


Dried scallops that add delicious flavor and umami to your soup, porridge or stir fried dishes! Comes with no pungent fishy smell and excessive saltiness, coupled with a distinct sweetness, you can add our scallops to your dishes with total peace of mind.

Country of Origin: China, Dalian

Green Cardamom (Cardamon) Pods


A popular spice used in Indian and Middle Eastern culinary, it has also found its way into asian dishes. Loved for it’s rich citrusy and fresh aroma, coupled with a slight minty spiciness and overall strong complex flavor, it is no wonder chefs all around the world love them! Unbleached and natural, they are a good addition to your ingredients wardrobe for the time when your recipe require some explosive flavor in your cooking.

Roasted Lotus Seed


These tiny little crunchy devils are Vietnam’s most popular snacks. Packed full of nutritional benefit, roasted naturally without additional seasoning or addictives, they are a fantastic companion to family outings or chilling with netflix!
Country of Origin: Vietnam

Tart Cherry


Surprisingly juicy and delicious, with a tinge of sourness coupled with mild tangy sweetness, this dried fruit goes very well when baked into bread, cakes or sprinkled in your morning cereal. Not only does it taste good, it is packed with antioxidants, helps protect the heart and aid insomiacs with nutrients that support better sleep. Grab them today!

Country of Origin: USA